Dr. Ferris

Month: June 2020

We’ve Moved To Our NEW Location!

We have some really exciting news… We have moved into our NEW LOCATION! 3744 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 We do have some new procedures we have implemented to keep our staff & you as safe as possible as well! Watch this video on YouTube

New Technology!

#FerrisOrthoGroup has some exciting new technology that just dropped! And we’re the only orthodontic office in the country to have it! 😮 This brand new 5D scanner not only allows us to take a 2 min scan of your teeth (with absolutely no radiation!) instead of those annoying gooey impressions. Watch this video on YouTube

Virtual Consultations

Ferris Orthodontic Group always seeks #innovation, which is why we are doing all we can to make sure you get the smile you want & deserve in this midst of all the chaos going on around us! We are offering #virtualconsultations for not only our current patients. Watch this video on YouTube