Dr. Ferris

Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Financing Your Treatment

We offer a variety of payment options to meet your needs. We accept all major credit cards and offer monthly payment packages over the course of treatment.
Reasonable Cost

We are committed to making sure that you receive the best care at a fair price!

In fact, we are so dedicated to getting you the treatment that you want and deserve, we even offer in-house, interest-free payment plans that are individually designed to fit your budget.
Keep in Mind

Please understand that we are unable to provide an accurate cost estimate for your or your child’s treatment prior to consultation.

Our pricing may vary based on case severity and the treatment modality that you choose.


Here at F. O. G. we work hard with your insurance company to make sure you are getting the coverage you are eligible for.
We are in-network with select insurance companies.

Questions We Thought You Might Ask:
We proudly work with many insurance companies.
We believe every person deserves a gorgeous smile and we have many patients that start treatment with us even when they do not have insurance.
Consider contacting our office so that we can assist you in exploring your financing budget and benefits.
We’re more than happy to help you!
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