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When we remove your braces, custom retainers will be made for you to help keep your teeth in place. Retainers can be either bonded or removable. Typically, we make our patients a removable upper retainer that is worn at night and a bonded, “invisible,” lower retainer that’s comprised of a flat, low-profile wire that “permanently” fits along the backside of your front 4-6 bottom teeth. Because the lower teeth are more prone to move than the upper, patients typically love having this bonded retainer! Your final orthodontic result depends on your retainers, so follow through with the hard work you’ve put in so far! We can also make retainers for those who have lost them or need very minor adjustments to their teeth alignment. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if our retainers are the right treatment option for you!

Upper Retainers are worn at night
Removal retainers after braces | Ferris Orthodontic Group
Our lower retainers permanently fit along the backside of your teeth
Retainers at Ferris Orthodontic Group
Essix Retainer
Clear retainers are worn at night and can be used for teeth whitening treatment
Santa Barbara & Goleta CA Invisalign | Ferris Orthodontic Group
Tips for retainer care
  1. Clean your retainer with warm water, brush, and toothpaste regularly.
  2. Your retainers need to be worn at all times but you need to take them off when you are eating and brushing your teeth.
  3. Never use harsh chemicals such as alcohol-based or bleach. Remember that retainers are expensive to replace.
  4. When your retainer is not in use, store it in a case or container with enough airflow to avoid bacteria and molds.
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