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5 Orthodontic Myths Debunked

5 Orthodontic Myths Debunked

People have been preoccupied with the idea of straight teeth for hundreds of years, and braces have been around in some form or fashion since the early 1800s! While orthodontic technology has drastically improved over the years, some myths about braces never seem to fade.

If you have heard any of the below braces myths, you may be feeling discouraged about your orthodontic journey. Dr. Ferris here to debunk those myths and shed some light on the unknown specifics of the orthodontic treatment process.

Myth # 1: Braces are bulky and painful

The braces your parents told you stories about are not the same braces that our Ferris Orthodontic Group patients are wearing today. You probably heard of large, clunky and uncomfortable braces, but those are a thing of the past! Technology continues to simplify the orthodontic process, and has streamlined the look and feel of braces.

Now, braces have smaller brackets, are less obtrusive and can be clear or colorless so they are more discreet. The decrease in the size of braces made them less noticeable and more comfortable without taking away any of the efficiency of braces.

Myth #2: Braces are too expensive

Orthodontic treatment, like any medical treatment, is an investment, but this investment can help improve your overall oral health! When you receive your free consultation, Dr. Ferris will discuss the cost of the entire treatment process.

While the total for your orthodontic treatment may seem expensive, our Ferris Orthodontic Group team understands the importance of this investment and will help make orthodontic treatment possible for you and your family. Our team will run the total through your insurance provider first, and then figure out the simplest and most efficient payment plan for you.

Myth #3: Braces and Aligners are only for kids

All children should see an orthodontist around age seven, but there is no age limit for braces recipients! More and more adults are seeking treatment to correct orthodontic issues and to create beautiful smiles. All patients with healthy jaw bones and permanent teeth are perfect candidates for braces and clear aligners.

Myth #4: Braces treatment takes years

Just as technology has streamlined the fit and feel of braces, they have also sharpened the treatment process. The journey to a straight and healthy smile is more efficient and faster than ever.

Every patient we see has a unique smile and receives a personalized treatment plan, so there is no standard treatment time. However, the average treatment time for braces or clear aligners is approximately 12-36 months.

Myth #5: Braces will change your look

The old traditional, bulky and painful metal braces did alter the appearance of teens and adults, alike. The more modern metal braces that we have at Ferris Orthodontic Group are sleeker and harder for others to notice.

If metal braces still seem like too much of an appearance interrupter for you, then you may be more interested in ceramic braces or clear aligners. These forms of orthodontic treatment offer a more discreet and almost invisible treatment option that patients love!

While these newer forms of orthodontic treatment won’t alter your appearance much, the effects of them on your teeth will! Braces and clear aligners help to gently move your teeth into proper alignment, which often changes the look of your cheekbones and jawline. You’ll notice the expected changes in your teeth as they begin to straighten, and will begin to see the added perks orthodontic treatment can have on your face shape.

While stories you hear about braces can make the treatment journey seem scary, we are here to debunk all the myths and answer all of your braces questions.

Call us today at 805-687-7417 for your free orthodontic consultation so we can show you what your smile can become! We promise to continue debunking myths and calming your nerves until you get the smile of your dreams.

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