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Patient Stories: ‘I’m So Delighted with My Invisalign!’

Patient Stories: ‘I’m So Delighted with My Invisalign!’

At Ferris Orthodontics, we believe that you’re never too old to have a healthy, more attractive smile. We provide exceptional orthodontic care for patients of all ages and we love hearing about the amazing experiences our patients have with us.

We recently sat down with one of our adult Invisalign patients who talked about what his experience has been like:

“I’m so delighted with my Invisalign. When I came in for my free exam, I wasn’t really certain what to expect. Dr. Ferris and the team made me [feel] welcome, and took various photos. I was just fascinated with the way they could show me exactly how my teeth would move over the next few months. And so I went away not quite certain what to expect. But as soon as I put on my Invisalign in the office here, I knew they were a great fit, and what’s more, it didn’t affect my speech at all.”

“What’s a typical day look like? Well, I’m brushing my teeth a little more often, which is a good habit. It hasn’t changed anything food-wise, except I do watch a little bit more about what and how much I eat just because [I take my Invisalign out before] every meal and brush my teeth after. So really easy, no concerns whatsoever. In fact, I’m really excited as to how after about six or seven weeks now. I can already feel and see a difference in the way my teeth are moving.”

“I didn’t think I had crooked teeth, but when I saw the photos, I just saw exactly how unstraight they were. I’m looking forward to continuing the treatment and really recommend the complimentary exam because, without any risk at all, it just shows you what a great smile you can have. So thank you very much to Dr. Ferris and the team.”

Ferris Orthodontics is a family-focused orthodontic care provider dedicated to creating beautiful, confident smiles in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and the surrounding areas. We are a premier provider of braces and Invisalign for all ages. Schedule your free new patient consultation today. Virtual and in-office appointments are available.

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